Deny Howeth, photographer

Deny Howeth, photographer

Registration for Non-Profits

Non-profit organizations are invited to participate in The Rehoboth Beach Gingerbread Contest. Spread the word about the great things your organization is doing using gingerbread! The winners in this category will be determined by a People's Choice Vote. The first place winner will receive a cash award equivalent to the number of votes it garnered. All other entries in this division will receive a cash award equivalent to 50% of their votes.

Non-Profits may have their creation built by a professional baker or chef. Please give credit to them on the form below.

Spaces for entries are limited. Registrations for entry will be accepted through November 1st.  Please fill out the entry form below.  If you are unable to participate after being entered into the contest, kindly inform us at

Contest Rules

1. All entries must be original designs unless they are replicas. NO kits are permitted. Designs are not limited to houses. The focal point of the entry must be constructed from gingerbread

 2. All entries must be placed on a foam core or board base.  The base may be painted and the edges of the base may be painted or covered with decorative ribbon.

3. Entries, including the base, must not exceed 24" in height, width, or depth.

4. All parts of the entry (with the exception of the base) must be made of edible materials. Candies must be unwrapped and sticks removed from lollipops.

5. Battery operated lighting is permitted if lighting is integral to the design i.e. lighting for

‘stained glass’ windows.

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