Registration for Professional Entries

Deny Howeth, photographer

Deny Howeth, photographer


Professional bakers, chefs, artists, builders and architects are invited to flex their creative muscles. If you are a business owner, but not a baker, you may have your entry constructed by a professional.

Entry space is limited. Registrations for entry will be accepted through November 1st. Please fill out the entry form below. If for any reason you are unable to participate after being registered, kindly notify us at

Deny Howeth, photographer

Deny Howeth, photographer


Contest Rules

1. All entries must be original designs unless they are replicas. No kits are permitted. Structures are not limited to houses. The main structure must be made of gingerbread.

2. Entries must be placed on a foam core or board base. Bases may be painted and the edges of the base may be covered with paint or ribbon.

3. There are no size limitations in this category, but you must include the dimensions of your entry on the form below.

4. All parts of the construction must be made of edible material, with the exception of the base. Candies must be unwrapped and lollipop sticks removed.

5. Battery operated lighting is permitted if lighting is integral to the design i.e. lighting for ‘stained glass’ windows.


Judging Criteria

Entries will be judged by our panel based on Overall Appearance, Originality & Creativity, Level of Difficulty, and Consistency of Theme.


Professional Entry Form

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